Visa exemption for overseas Vietnamese

Vietnam Visa exemption for Overseas 

Overseas Vietnamese will be exempt from visas for entering Vietnam, according to a new Government decision; instead they will be granted visa-free certificates valid for 5 years. The certificates will be handed out by either representative agencies in foreign countries or by the Ministry of Public Security’s Immigration Department.

Vietnamese people that hold foreign passports and foreigners who are their wives, husbands and children are allowed to enter Vietnam without visa for less than 90 days. In order to be granted Vietnam visa exemption certificates at Vietnamese representative offices abroad, overseas Vietnamese need conditions:

* Foreign-issued permanent residence certificate (PRC) with the validity of at least six months since the date of entrance.
* Visa exemption paper (VEP) is granted by Vietnamese appropriate authorities

Those who expect to stay more than 90 days must apply for Vietnam visa according to current stipulations before their entrance. Please visit the official website: for information on how to get Vietnam visa exemption certificates for overseas Vietnamese.

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