Vietnam visa on arrival application requirements

One of the most essential benefits of applying Vietnam visa on arrival via travel agency is its simple and effortless tasks. Instead of providing a range of verbose procedures like when you apply an entry visa at the Vietnam Embassies; now, with the new option of applying Vietnam visa on arrival, you just have to meet some simple preparation requirements as follows:

1. Original passport with at least one pair of blank visa pages and at least 6 months validity.

2. Visa approval letter

Vietnam visa approval letter is an electronic document issued by the Vietnam Immigration Department. This paperwork is not a full visa, but a required document to get visa stamped at Vietnam international airports. Once you apply for Vietnam visa on arrival online, the travel agency will send you a Vietnam visa approval letter via provided email. In the stage of applying a Vietnam visa approval letter, you just have to fill exactly personal information of the applicants in the application form on the website. The authorized website often requires you to provide the following information.

* Personal information- Full name

– Gender

– Date of birth

– Nationality

* Contact detail- Primary email

– Alternative email

– Date of arrival

– Message

– Means of transport

3. Entry and exit form

Entry and exit form is an important document that foreign visitors have to summit to Vietnam Immigration Department when entering Vietnam. This form requires some information regarding your entry and exit of Vietnam. You can get this paper through two ways:

1. At the port of arrival, you can get entry and exit form in “Landing visa” counter. Fill out the form with the required information, and then return it to the officers.

2. Once your application is approved, the travel agency will send you an approval letter and a link to download Entry and exit form via email. By this way, you can save your time at the airport by completing the entry and exit form in advance.

4. Visa fees

You are required to prepare two kinds of visa fees: Service fee and stamping fee

– Service fee: The fee that you pay for Vietnam visa agency to process your visa approval letter. Please check out service fee here:

– Stamping fee: The fee that you pay directly to Vietnam Immigration Officer at Vietnam international airport. This fee must be paid in cash by USD or VND.

5. Two passport sized photographs.

In most cases, photograph scan is not required for an online visa application. Photos, on the other hand, are required upon arrival at Vietnam’s international airport only. One photo will be glued on the Entry and exit form, the other is prepared for any other requirements. The photo size should be identical with the one on your passport (4x6cm or 2×2 inches). Photos must be taken on a white background and printed on quality photo paper. The applicant’s face must be at a neutral expression without any facial expression. Keep in mind that you cannot wear glasses or hat when taking these photos.
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