Vietnam is planning to exempt visa for 9 more countries

The Vietnam Ministry of Culture, Sport and Tourism and the Ministry of Transport is submitting to the government the proposal of waiving tourist visa requirement for 9 nationalities. 9 countries include France, Germany, the UK, Spain, Italy, Australia, New Zealand, India and Canada.

This proposal aims to attract more tourists in these countries to Vietnam. According to a survey conducted by Vietnam National Administration of Tourism, these 9 countries have a huge potential in the number of visitors, income as well as the time of staying in Vietnam. The survey found that visitors from Western countries such as France, UK, Germany, etc often spend more money and stay longer than others. Whereas, Australia and New Zealand travelers usually visit in low season and Canada as well as India are always two main sources of tourists.

Vietnam currently provides visa exemption for citizen from 10 ASEAN countries (for 30 days except for Brunei and Myanmar with 14 days), Denmark, Finland, Japan, Norway, Russian, South Korea, Sweden (for 15 days).

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