Vietnam grants 15 day visa-free entry for 5 more countries in Europe

According to the recently issued Resolution No 46/NQ-CP, citizens from 5 European countries including United Kingdom, France, Germany, Spain and Italy will no longer need a visa to Vietnam for their stay up to 15 days as long as they have a return flight ticket or ticket to a third country.

The policy will be in effect for one year, starting from July 1, 2015 and ending on June 30, 2016, and applies to all types of passports and purposes of visits, as long as they meet the conditions required by Vietnamese law.

However, if citizens from above countries wish to re-enter Vietnam under visa exemption policy, the second visit must be not earlier 30 days from the previous one. Otherwise, foreign visitors need to apply for Vietnam visa as normal regulation.

Applying for Vietnam visa on arrival at:

The new visa waiver policy is expected to boost Vietnam’s tourism industry by luring more tourists in Europe. So far Vietnam has provided unilateral 15 day visa-free entry for 7 countries including Russian, Japan, the Republic of Korea, Norway, Finland, Denmark, Sweden, and Belarus. Also, Vietnam has offered bilateral 30-day visa exemption for tourists of Southeast Asian countries; except for Brunei passport holders with only 14-day visa free entry and Filipinos with 21- day visa free entry.

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