Transit foreigners can stay in Vietnam for 15 days

According to the Circular No. 44/2011/TT-BCA by the Ministry of Public Security, foreigners who transit at international airports and seaports across the country are allowed to stay in Vietnam within 15 days instead of only 5 days as indicated in the previous Decision on 19th December 2012.

In order to get a 15 day transit, visitors are required to have a tour program arranged by local travel agents before they arrive at international border gates.

Tourism firms have responsibility to get transit visas and to arrange tours for such visitors. It takes one working day only to get feedback from the immigration office for the request of tourism firms.

The stamp fee for transit visa is US$5, much lower than a normal tourist visa, which starts at US$45.

How can I apply Vietnam transit visa with

If you travel alone, we are sorry that we cannot provide you with Vietnam transit visa but you will need to apply for a normal tourist one. However, we still can assist you with Vietnam transit visa even you do not have a tour program in advance arranged by a tour operator. This is quite feasible in case you come along with a group of minimum 5 people.

Then if you are in a group of minimum 5 people and wish to have a short stay of less than 15 days in Vietnam, all you need to do is to fill out our secure application form, select the type of visa as “Vietnam transit visa”, provide personal details of people in the group and then make the payment for service fee. With Vietnam transit visa, we charge you 12 USD/ pax to get visa approval letter via email. After 2 working days or less, you will receive an approval letter to be able to enter at the check-point of Vietnam airport. The procedure to get Vietnam transit visa at Vietnam airport is quite the same to that of Vietnam visa on arrival. However, the stamp fee you must pay in cash is only US$5.

For more information regarding Vietnam transit visa, do not hesitate to contact us via email at or through hotline: (+84) 91 762 3750.

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