Traditional Christmas foods around the world

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Christmas is very important holiday of many countries. It’s time to gather family and friends together, around the tables of traditional foods. And Christmas foods are served varied from country to country. Let’s find out what dishes are served in Christmas meal among some countries across the world.

  1. Japan

Traditional Christmas foods around the world

Christmas is traditionally original from Western countries, but it now has become the pretty important holiday in Japanese culture. When this Christian celebration came to Japan, the people here turned it into an occasion of showing love between family, friends and lovers. And they make “Christmas Cake” as the traditional food of this day. This cake is a white cream cake, sponge cake frosted with whipped cream, topped with strawberries and with a chocolate plate that says Merry Christmas.

  1. France

Traditional Christmas foods around the world

French people celebrate their holiday from Christmas to New Year days. One of indispensable dishes in these days is Coquilles Saint-Jacques. The food is made from king scallop, herbs and butter and decorated in a shell.

Besides, French also eat common dishes such as roast turkey, foie gras (goose liver) and seafood.

  1. Austria

Traditional Christmas foods around the world

The Christmas party is very well-prepare in Austria’s families. The main dish is normally roast pork leg. Besides, Austrian people love sweet cakes such as chocolate Sacher torte, Stollen sweet bread and drink rum.

  1. Canada

Traditional Christmas foods around the world

Canadian cuisine is the combination between France and UK’s cuisine. At Christmas Eve, Canadian take a big mug of eggnog made with milk and/or cream, sugar and whipped egg. They also serve British traditional foods of Christmas such as roasted turkey, Christmas pudding, gingerbread and pumpkin pie.

  1. Mexico

Traditional Christmas foods around the world

Mexican cuisine is one of the world’s best ones with delicious dishes and diverse ingredients. On Christmas, people always make Christmas Eve salad called Ensalada de Noche Buena from beetroot, banana and peanut; pozole – the hominy soup with meat and various ingredients. As well, the roast turkey is called pavo and it is served with gravy.

  1. Australia

Traditional Christmas foods around the world

Because of the location of southern hemisphere, Australian people celebrate Christmas in hottest days of summer. That’s why they eat a lot of cold dishes with salad. They also love outdoor BBQ party with lamb meat, beef and seafood. Especially, they have amazing desert called Pavlova made from whipped egg white, cream and different types of fruit.

  1. Russia

Traditional Christmas foods around the world

Christmas was banned across the country in 1917 and started to celebrate again in 1992. The Russian don’t decorate Christmas tree by pine but using Evergreen. Christmas meal in Russia is different from region to region, but traditionally 12 main dishes symbolizing for 12 Jesus’s Apostles. They also have special desert called Katya made from wheat, honey and raisin.

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