Top 4 unique and special things in Vietnam

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Here are top 4 special things about Vietnam that you can immediately recognize when traveling Vietnam. They may be interesting with some people, but may be not with others. But they are still the most visible cultural features in Vietnam.

  1. Motorbike

Top 4 unique and special things in Vietnam

Motorbike is everywhere in the whole world and pretty popular in some Asian countries such as India, Thailand, etc. In some countries, driving motorbike is a kind of “noble” hobby. Others use it as a means of transport. But Vietnam gives us a significant scene of motorbike. Motorbike is everywhere in every street. Everyone drive motorbike.

It is estimated that there are more than 40 million motorbikes in the whole country. And Vietnam’s population is about 90 million, which means two Vietnamese people own one motorbike. And if doesn’t count the elders (over 60) and children (under 18) who is ineligible to drive motorbike, a Vietnamese people has one motorbike. And a lot of foreign visitors coming to Vietnam learn how to drive motorbike.

  1. Coffee

Top 4 unique and special things in Vietnam

Coffee has become a culture feature of Vietnamese people. It is also an important agricultural product in Vietnam’s economy. Café in Vietnam is made from Robusta coffee bean which is totally different from the common Arabica coffee bean. More than that, the way of drink coffee in Vietnam is completely different from other countries. If you come from the countries of Cappuccino, Latte, Mocha or Americano, you will be surprise with the iced/hot black or condensed milk coffee which is called “café phin”. It is stronger and bitter.

Coffee culture is shown by tons of coffee shops in any streets and any neighborhood in the whole country, especially in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City. Vietnamese people always start their day by sitting in a street coffee shop with a cup of coffee. They also drink coffee at work, at home. Especially, when people meet their friends or have a date or even have a business meeting, they come to coffee shop. Just one tiny cup of coffee, they can chat all day long.

  1. Instant noddle

Top 4 unique and special things in Vietnam

Vietnam is ranked 3rd in the whole world about consuming constant noodle (after Korean and Indonesia). It is estimated that Vietnamese people eat 5.4 billions packs of instant noodle each year, which means each people eat 56 packs per year.

Walking into any grocery store or supermarket, you will be shocked by the number of instant noodle packs displayed on the shelves. They are also super various in manufactures, types, tastes, sizes and models. There are over 50 instant noodle productions in Vietnam and this number still keep developing.

  1. Beer

 Top 4 unique and special things in Vietnam

Vietnamese people also love drinking beer. You can see the picture of a lot of men sitting on colorful plastic chair ina street beer stall to drink a cup of iced beer after working day. Last year, Vietnam consumed over 3 billion liters of beer which is highest rank in Southeast Asia, 3rd rank in Asia and 25th rank in the whole world.

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