Tips to get Vietnam Visa quickly

get Vietnam visa,get Vietnam visa on arrival,Vietnam rush visa,Vietnam visa tips,Vietnam visaHere are must-know things a foreign traveler should keep in mind to get Vietnam Visa in the quickest way:

Your passport must have no less than 2 blank pages to get your visa stamped.

Your passport must have at least 6 months validity from your departure date to Vietnam. Otherwise, you need to get it renewed before arrival.

Your visa application: a good travel agent will assist you a lot to avoid visa hassle. In case you are confused with visa applications because of terms or jargons or you are not sure what should be filled in the form, just contact to a trustworthy travel agent for help since errors on forms can be costly.

Passport photos. Frequently, you are required to submit two passport-sized photos with your visa application. Go to a photo store to take passport photographs. If you are traveling a lot, get a lot of extra photos.

Include your travel itinerary. In some cases, you may be required to include your travel plans as proof of enty and exit dates. Normally, your round trip tickets will indicate this information.

Include a copy of your passport. It is not necessary to attach your copy of your passport while submitting a visa application. However, make sure you have a copy available in case Vietnam Immigration Department needs to verify your information.

Make sure your visa/approval letter arranged before the weekend or national holidays since Vietnam Immigration Office closes over this period of time

Have a credit card available. If you are applying for visa on arrival from an online booking travel, the most popular and quickest way to pay the service fee is to pay by credit card.

Aiming  to provide our valued clients with quick service in urgent cases, also offers rush visa options.

Cost of  Vietnam rush visa at

– Within 4 – 8 hours processing: Vietnam visa service fee plus $20
– Within 24 hours processing: Vietnam visa service fee plus $10

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