Specific Vietnam Visa Regulation for Phu Quoc Island

According to overseas entry, exit and residence regulation for Phu Quoc Island, foreign visitors and Vietnamese nationals holding foreign passports are permitted to stay in the island without a visa not beyond 15 days.

After coming to Phu Quoc Island, if foreign tourists would like to take a trip to another different location or stay in the island for over 15 days, Vietnam Immigration Department will be accountable for granting Vietnam visa right on the spot. Their passports must be valid for at least 45 days. If passports are going to expire, it is crucial to get them renewed before arrival.

How to get there?

By air

Travelers are able to fly from Ho Chi Minh City via Vietnam Airlines or from Rach Gia (in Kien Giang Province) to Phu Quoc. Only Air Mekong provides direct routes from Hanoi to Phu Quoc Island.

Foreigners who enter Vietnam by air and stay in the transit lounge before traveling to Phu Quoc Island shall also be Vietnam visa exemption.

By sea

Foreign tourists can arrive in Phu Quoc Island on international tourist ships. Foreign tourist ships which visit Duong Dong area & other areas (except restricted areas) must comply with Vietnamese immigration laws and Phu Quoc regulations, i.e. 15 day stay allowed exempt from visa.

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