Single entry Vietnam visa vs. Multiple entry Vietnam visa

A foreigner is permitted to visit Vietnam for tourism, visiting friends/family, business etc., up to 90 days from the date of the first entry. The stay may be either continuous or several visits depending upon whether Vietnam visa is single or multiple entry.

Single-entry visa: Allows uninterrupted stay. Once a foreigner leaves Vietnam, he/she can’t enter again without obtaining a new visa. This kind of visa is the so-called “visa with single use”. For example, if you apply for 1 month single entry visa, you are allowed to enter and exit Vietnam one time only within 30 days since your pre-registered arrival date.

Multiple-entry visa:  Allows multiple stays in one or more countries, as long as the total length of the stay does not exceed the validity period of the visa from the date of first entry. For example, if you apply for 3 months multiple entry visa, you are allowed to enter and exit Vietnam multiple times within 90 days since your registered arrival date. In case, you travel to Vietnam using visa on arrival service, your first entry must be by air. Later entries can be either by land or by air since at that time Vietnam visa stamp is already on your passport.

In summary, your selection of single or multiple entry Vietnam visa depends on your travel itinerary. If you only wish to stay in Vietnam during your visa period, single entry visa is an economical choice whilst a multiple entry visa will be a more suitable choice for those who wish to travel to and fro Vietnam many times during their Vietnam visa period.

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