Reasons to make Vietnam one of the fastest places to get a visa in the world

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Comparing to months of waiting time and long list of requirements you may encounter when applying for a visa in other countries, Vietnam should really be a wonderful place that offer shocking short waiting time: only 4-8 hours. Below are 5 specific reasons to explain this priority:

1. Quickness

In emergency situation, foreign visitors may apply then receive a Vietnam visa in as fast as 4-8 working hours. This is even much shorter than when you book for a hotel room or a flight ticket.

2. Simplicity

Your name, your nationality, passport number, date of birth, arrival date are all information required to apply for a Vietnam visa. Other documents like income report, family background, traveling purpose or invitation letters from representative office in Vietnam are not necessary to be attached with your application.

3. Free hassle

Another good news that Vietnam Immigration Office is much more flexible than any other countries since they don’t require your ticket proof, detailed travel plan or place you intend to stay during your time in the country.

4. Peace of mind

Unless you conducted any non-legal activities or go against immigration policy, your application for Vietnam Visa is 99% granted.

5. Low cost

With only USD 45-90, you may get a Vietnam visa with the fastest and most convenient process. This is undoubtedly one of the most attractive factors contributing on your trip to Vietnam.

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