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  • Question about date of entry and nationality

    Hi there, we are planning to visit Vietnam on 20 Aug; however the arrival time of the flight is actually 00:05am 20 Aug. So if the flight arrives early, it might actually be 19 Aug by the time we get to the immigration. So in this case, should we put 19 Aug or 20 Aug as the entry date?

    Also, one of us is holding a UK issued passport (since HK was used to be UK’s colony) with nationality on the passport being “British National (Overseas)”. While she isn’t really a British citizen, should she put HKSAR or UK under “Nationality” when we apply the visa online? Thanks.

  • Where to Clear Immigration

    I am going to Hanoi but transit in Ho chi minh airport for 3 hours to catch the connecting flight. I am arriving from Abu Dhabi. Do I still clear immigration at Hanoi?
    Also, my flight is scheduled to arrive at 23.55 hours, so do I use that date?

  • Vietnam visa for Fillip citizen

    Hello, my friend who is a philippine citizen will be traveling with me to visit Vietnam, does she need a visa to enter Vietnam or is she exempt? We will be touring Ho Chi Minh city for one week.

  • Can you please locate where is the Vietnam visa on arrival counter in HCM airport to take the visa?

    Vietnam visa counter,Vietnam visa on arrival,Vietnam visa

    1. From the map you provided, there is no indication of Visa counter at HCM. Please advise.
    2. For the preparation, do I need to fill up M3 form “Application For Entry and Exit Visa” in advance also?
  • Does Vietnam visa on arrival counter at HCM airport work at night?

    Vientam visa,Vietnam visa on arrivalHi, my flight land in Ho Chi Minh city at night (about 1 a.m.). Is visa on arrival service available 24 hours?

  • Can I apply for 3 month Vietnam visa if I am an Indian citizen?

    Vietnam visa,Vietnam visa on arrival,apply for Vietnam visa,get Vietnam visa,get Vietnam visa on arrivalDear sir,

    Sir, iam INDIAN passport holder,right now at singapoure on bussiness visa and  planning to visit vietnam on 3rd week of this month.can you get multi entery 3 month validity visa for me?.And Can you tell me what is the requirement for visa.Iam looking forward for your prompt reply.

    Thanks & Best regards,

  • my trip changed the entry date

    Vietnam visa,Vietnam visa on arrival,Get vietnam visaDear Immivietnamvisa,

    I have invitation letter available from the 03rd of January 2013 for my 3 months multiple entry visa but now my trip changed the entry date from that date to 1st of January 2013. My request is whether is possible for you to change the letter or is necessary to issue this document again. May you support to me for the above mentioned question.

    Thanks a lot and best regards

  • work visa in Vietnam

    Vietnam visa,Work Vietnam visaIn march next year i will be getting a work permit from a company i will be working for. When i get the permit what documents will i need to take to the embassy with me to then obtain the work visa???

  • Transit Visa in SaiGon

    Vietnam visa,Vietnam visa requirementCan I apply for transit visa in Saigon and for how long is this visa?

  • Vietnam visa online for business purpose

    Vietnam visa,business Vietnam visa,get Vietnam visa,Vietnam visa onlineHi Immivietnamvisa,

    I am a US businessman. I do finance , jewellery and real estate business in my country. So I can also see opportunities in Vietnam to invest for business. So regarding this can u help me in getting the business Vietnam visa.  I read a piece of news somewhere telling that I cannot apply online for Vietnam visa on arrival for business purpose. Is it true?