New regulation for 7 nationalities under Vietnam’s unilateral visa exemption

According to Article 20 of new Law No. 47/2014/QH13 dated June 16, 2014 on entry, exit, transit, and residence of foreigners in Vietnam, 7 nationalities including Korea, Japan, Russia, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, and Finland are granted with unilateral visa-free entry for 15 days of stay in Vietnam. It comes along with the requirement that they must have a passport with at least 6 months validity and the duration of entry date must be minimum 30 days from the previous exit.

For example, a Korean citizen enters Vietnam on January 15th 2015 with 15 days visa exemption and he/she leaves Vietnam on January 23rd 2015. After coming back Korea, if he/she wants to enter Vietnam again with visa exemption for 15 days, he/she has to wait more 30 days until February 23rd 2015 to visit Vietnam.

The new regulation applied for unilateral visa-free foreigners takes effect since January 1st 2015

In case foreigners need to enter Vietnam shortly and cannot wait more 30 days, they can apply visa as a normal foreign national. The procedure to obtain Vietnam visa on arrival is quite hassle-free and time saving. They can check out for more details of Vietnam visa services.

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