M3 Vietnam Entry and Exit Form (On Arrival Form)

What is Vietnam entry and exit form?
Vietnam entry and exit form (M3/ On Arrival Form) is a form handed out to foreign passengers before they go through the customs of Vietnam airport. After filling in the form, foreigners need to return it to the Immigration Officers who will stamp Vietnam visa on their passport. To save time, travelers can download the form and fill it in advance here.

Note: The note below On Arrival Form is somewhat out of date these days. Although it indicates that 2 forms are required to be presented, you only need to fill in one form and submit it to Immigration Officers directly at Vietnam airport.

How to fill in Vietnam entry and exit form?
1 – Name and surname: must be written in capital and must match your passport details
Eg: MAXINE HELEN STEPHENSON (not Maxine Helen Stephenson)
2 – Date of birth: follows dd/mm/yyyy format
3 – Sex: fill in male or female
4 – Place of birth: write both city and country name
5 – Name both nationalities if you have. Eg: Australian/Canadian
6 – Passport details: write your passport number, kind of passport (regular or diplomatic), date of issue and expiry date. For section “Issued by” – please check your passport for details.
7 – Profession and place of employment: fill in your current occupation
8 – Present address: write your permanent address in the country you are coming from
9 – Children accompanying: list all of them
10 – Purpose of entry and exit: write one that applies (tourism/ business/ study/ other)
Name, address of contact: this can be the name of the hotel if you are a tourist, or a company if you come for business purpose
11 – Proposed duration to entry and exit Vietnam: should be the earliest possible. Note that this record must match the visa you applied for.
12 – Write down port of arrival and departure – Arrival: (Tan Son Nhat Airport, Noi Bai Airport or Da Nang airport). Departure – (Tan Son Nhat Airport, Moc Bai border gate…). In some cases a return ticket might be required to be shown as a proof of your travel itinerary.
13 – Done at … on ….:

For “Done at”:  write your port of arrival to enter Vietnam (Hanoi airport, Tan Son Nhat airport…)

For “On”:  write the day you check in Vietnam airport in dd/mm/yyyy order

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