Introduction on Vietnam visa on arrival

As a foreigner, you are required by Vietnam Immigration Law to initially enter the country on a Vietnam Visa if you wish to have a permission to stay there. If the applicant does not obtain Vietnam Visa before traveling, he will be denied to enter Vietnam border. Recently, thanks to the new policies of Vietnam Immigration Department, the procedure to obtain Vietnam Visa is no longer a hassle method for foreigners because the appearance of Vietnam visa on arrival (also known Landing visa) is considered to be the legally easiest and fastest way to obtain Vietnam entry visa. It is importantly marked that Vietnam visa on arrival does not work for all means of transport, but air travel only. In your preparation for the Vietnam visa on arrival, the most important document that you need to prepare is “Vietnam visa approval letter”- an electronic legal document granted by Vietnam Department of Immigration.

To apply for Vietnam visa approval letter, normally foreigners have to contact directly to Vietnam Embassy in the country they are living in, which may waste their valuable time & money. However, you can make this process much more easily just through a few simple clicks, and access to online page.

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