Huế’s cuisine

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Hue is the heart of Vietnamese cuisine with specialties dating back thousands of years. Vietnam former’s imperial capital lures visitors by not only charming and fussy beauty, but also its elaborate cuisine, developed by the skilled cooks of the royal court. Travelling here, you could be knocked down by Hue’s traditional foods. This article is very honour to introduce you the most popular traditional receipts of this romantic capital.

1. Cơm hến (mussle rice)

Huế’s cuisine

Cơm hến ( mussle rice)

Cơm hến is a culinary specialty of Hue loved by the locals as well as domestic and foreign visitors. Com hen is a perfect combination of cold rice and small mussel, to which are served with roasted peanuts, sesame, roasted pigskin, meat scrap, and fried noodles. These regional ingredients make Cơm hến special.

If you wish to try this food, early in the morning, you can easily find hundreds of peddles selling this favorite food.

2. Bun Bo Hue (Hue noodle soup)

Huế’s cuisine

Bun bo Hue

Hue capital is famed for its fantastic Bun Bo (Hue noodle soup)

The valuable major ingredients to cook “Bún bò Huế” are beef shank, oxtail, raw Vietnamese pork ham (Cha lua), fish salt, lettuce and typical red bouillon.  Sometimes noodle bowl was re-added beef, beef ball, and the other materials, depending on the preference of the chief.

In the noodle bouillon, the locals often mix noodle with a little shrimp sauce contributing to the flavor in every bowls of Bún Bò Huế. After the stew cooked beef bones, people usually add a little pork or beef. Beef can be thinly sliced chopped, and then dipped in boiling water before using into a bowl of noodles (called beef). In a serving bowl, the noodle is garnished with beef oxtail, and pig feet on its surface, the top is serve with spring onion, and lettuce. If you would like it to be spicier, you can add in a little spicy chili sauce and squeeze a little bit of sliced lemons.

3. Cơm muối (salted rice).

Huế’s cuisine

Cơm muối (salted rice)

When we talk about Hue cuisine, it is a big mistake if you miss one of the most special food receipts – Cơm muối (salted rice).   In the old days, Salted rice was cooked in honors of special guests. Today, Cơm muối is on the menus of many big restaurants, and is still traditionally used as a gift to express the hospitality to close friends.

Cơm muối includes rice and refined salt, and topped with chili, lime, pepper, and lemon grass. Salt is roasted and grind evenly with other ingredients and spices such as grease pepper, salt dried citronella, shredded shrimp to create distinctive taste and color  before going into the earthen pot, these perfect and skillful combinations create a unique meal with different taste food. Take a small amount of rice and chew slowly, keep your mouth closed and allow the dedicate flavors to be savored on the tongue.

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