How to get Vietnam Visa from Portugal?

For most countries, Vietnam Visa can be obtained through 2 channels: via Vietnam Embassy in the respective country or via Vietnam Department of Immigration (Vietnam visa on arrival).

However, this is not the case for Portuguese passport holders, as there isn’t a Vietnam Embassy in Portugal just yet. Although various visa and travel agency websites and other non-government sites may mention a Vietnam Embassy in Lisbon, this is false information. Currently, there are neither a Vietnam Embassy nor Consulate in Portugal.

Vietnam Embassy in Europe

Portugal is not among the list of European countries who has a Vietnam Embassy


So how does a Portuguese passport holder get a Vietnam Visa?

There are still two options to obtain Vietnam Visa in Portugal.

Option 1: Visit Vietnam Embassy in a neighboring country, which is Vietnam Embassy in Madrid, Spain in this case. You will have to bring your passport with at least 6 month validity,  2 passport photos, and other relevant documents.

Option 2: (Recommended) Apply for a visa approval letter and pick up your visa stamp when you arrive at one of 3 Vietnam’s international airports.

Firstly you will need to fill out a short online application form, or e-mail to us an offline application form. After getting your payment for service fee, we will start to process your application and you can get the visa letter within 2 working days to be printed out. When you arrive at one of 3 Vietnam’s international airports, you only need to fill out a short immigration form (M3), pay for your visa stamp, and you’re all good to enjoy your trip in Vietnam.

For any further questions, don’t hesitate to contact us at (+84) 917 623 750, or email at

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