How to convert foreigners’ driving license to Vietnamese one?

Vietnam driving license,Vietnamese driving licenseForeigners or Vietnamese overseas citizens who hold a foreign driving license must convert it into a Vietnamese equivalence if they wish to drive in the country.

What are procedures required?

An application dossier for converting a foreign driving license includes:

–   An application for changing driving license (download the form here), confirmed by the organization/agency they are working for or the local authority where they are living;

–   A copy of your existing driving license (presenting an original one for checking) with a translated and notarized version into Vietnamese by a public notary place

–   A copy of valid passport with the photo page and visa page (presenting the passport for checking)

–   03 color passport photos with size 3×4 cm

After you prepare all these papers, just submit them at the Office of Traffic and Public Works at 16 Cao Ba Quat Street (Hanoi) or 63 Ly Tu Trong Street (Ho Chi Minh).

Processing time and Fee:

– The processing time of a driver license takes 5 working days.

– The processing fee is 135,000 VND

What if I do not apply for a Vietnamese driving license?

We strongly recommend you must hold a Vietnamese driving license or temporary license converted from international driving permit because the penalty for not holding a driving license when you drive can be harsh: from 3 years up to 10 years in prison if causing accidents, and even 20-year sentence if accidents causing death.

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