How to apply for work permit in Vietnam?

The Department of Labor, Invalids and Social Affairs has the only authority to issue work permits for foreigners in Vietnam. A work permit’s validity lasts up to 36 months (3 years). When they come to expire, foreign workers need to apply for their new ones because work permits are not extended or renewable.


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In order to get a work permit, an expat in Vietnam must meet the following requirements:

– At least 18 years old

– Good enough health for job requirements

– A manager, executive director or expert with technical skills and knowledge necessary for the job

– No criminal record in their country, Vietnam or any other countries

How to apply for a work permit in Vietnam

In order to acquire a work permit, you are required to submit all necessary documents to We, on behalf of you, will finalize the paperwork with the Labor, Invalids and Social Affairs . The listing for what you need to prepare includes

  • Work permit application form (Form 7)

  •  Original passport/ current visa (must be a business visa under the sponsorship of Vietnamese company)
  • Criminal record issued by the authority of the resident country or the municipal office of Justice in Vietnam (if living in Vietnam for more than 6 months)

  • Your university degree translated and notarized at Vietnam Consulate in your country

  • Working experience confirmation document from former employers ( at least 3 years of working experience)
  • Health check from a qualified hospital within 6 months

  • Approval document from the People’s Committee which allows the Vietnamese company to use Foreign workers

  • 2 recently-taken photos ( 4x6cm), white background, straight face without eyeglasses

  • Business registration certificate of your sponsorship company in Vietnam
  • Tax declaration of your sponsorship company in Vietnam for 3 latest months

Processing time and Fees

The processing time for a work permit takes 35 – 45 days

The service fee is around $350 USD in case of sufficient documents

If you are lack of any document above, we still can offer the service for that document with extra cost

– Lack of university degree: extra $800

– Lack of working experience: extra $750

– Lack of university degree + Experience: extra $1000

– Lack of criminal record: extra $200

– Lack of health check: extra $150

Be noted that the fees may vary based on different cases and different periods of time.

A valid work permit is a must to apply for Temporary Residence Card (TRC). After having a work permit, you can start to apply for TRC, which takes around 1 week in case of sufficient documents.


Foreigners in Vietnam do not need to apply for work permits in one of the following cases:

  • Working in Vietnam for less than 3 months
  • Coming to Vietnam to market products and services
  • Head of the representative office or branch of international company in Vietnam
  • Entering and working in Vietnam to resolve an emergency or complex situation that the Vietnamese labors or current foreign workers in Vietnam cannot solve
  • Lawyers that are given permission by the Vietnamese Department of Justice.

Once you decide to use the service, please scan all of the documents you have and send us via email at so we can have further assistance on procedures and price

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