How to get Vietnam visa code

Vietnam visa code

The procedure to obtain Vietnam visa code is similar to Vietnam visa on arrival from step 1 to step 3. In short, it can be recapped as follows:

–  Get your Vietnam Visa code application at Vietnam Visa application page

–  Receive approval code after 1 or 2 working days after your final confirmation of application and payment.

–  Get the visa code printed out and bring it together with applicants’ passport to Vietnam Embassy. (You should go to the Embassy after receiving our approval code from us 2 days later because Vietnam Embassy/Consulate needs time to check your information with the Vietnam Immigration Department)

Notice when applying for Vietnam Visa code:

 Before applying for Vietnam visa code, besides considering carefully the visa types, the estimated arrival date, you also need to make clear decision on which Embassy you are going to pick up your Vietnam Visa. This is because Vietnam Visa code is actually a letter (bearing a unique code) from Vietnam Immigration Department to your noted Vietnam Embassy/Consulate. Therefore, your visa code will be no longer valid if you register one Embassy then bring the code to another Embassy.

The service fee will be paid online to progress the approval code. The stamping fee will be paid directly at the Embassy to get your visa stamped. This fee does vary depending upon the country (normally, upward $45/pax).

Vietnam visa code letter may take longer time to be processed than Vietnam visa approval letter. Therefore, you are advised to apply for this kind of visa one week before departure to avoid any unwanted problems.

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