Foreign visitors are allowed to bring vehicles into Vietnam

International tourists want to enter Vietnam with their vehicles must be approved by Vietnam international travel agencies with some approval procedures. The limit time for vehicles brought by foreigners is less than 30 days. In some special cases such as disaster, epidemic diseases or traffic accidents, the limit time can be extended on more 10 days.

Both drivers and vehicles must satisfy these following requirements:

  1. Requirements for drivers:
  • Being a foreign tourist
  • Having passport or alternative other documents in more than 6 months valid from entry date
  • Having visa complying with temporary residence in Vietnam law (except for visa exemption)
  • Having driver’s license being compatible with vehicle types
  1. Requirements for vehicles:
  • Being car used to transport tourists withsteering wheel on the left, having less than 9 seats; or being motorbike
  • Vehicle owners are foreign individuals or organizations and the registration number plates have finished in oversea
  • Having certification on valid about the safety of engineering for control or environment issued by authority officer in countries taking place the registration number plates

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