Can I get Vietnam visa outside of working hours, at weekends & on public holidays?

It depends on what method you apply for Vietnam visa. If you submit your Vietnam visa application through the official web portal of the immigration department which is popularly known as E-visa , the processing time takes at least 3 working days regardless of how emergency situation you are involved with. Also, if you apply for Vietnam visa at Vietnam Embassy, it is closed over the weekend and the normal procedure takes around 7 working days. Therefore both these methods cannot help you to obtain Vietnam visa outside working hours, at weekends or on public holidays.
With, we understand that various reasons may occur that makes travelers apply for Vietnam visa on a very short notice i.e. an important meeting, sudden death of a relative, a special event or simply forgetfulness etc. Visa on arrival in such cases is the only solution that enables travelers to obtain Vietnam visa for your last minute trip even at weekends or on public holidays.

Who is eligible for visa on arrival?
Most of the countries listed on our online application form can apply for Vietnam visa on arrival with ease. Some other countries not listed still may get Vietnam visa online but you better check with us for each specific case.

In order to obtain visa on arrival, one needs to prepare a passport that is valid for minimum 6 months with at least 2 blank pages for visa stamp, 2 recently taken photos of 4 x 6 cm. Keep in mind that visa on arrival is applicable for air travel only so if you intend to enter Vietnam by border crossing or via cruise, you can try with Evisa (available for 1 month single entry only) or contact Vietnam Embassy in person.

Processing time for visa on arrival
To get visa on arrival, a pre-approved letter needs issuing in advance so travelers can get on board at the departure airport and receive visa stamp upon arrival.
For regular working days, if you are on a rush and need Vietnam visa within a few hours, you always can require urgent Vietnam visa with extra cost for only $20 USD as below schedule
– If you submit your application before 8:00 am, you will get your visa approval letter around noon time
– If you submit your application before 14:00 pm, you will get your visa letter around 18:00 p.m

If for some reason, you must apply outside of working hours but still on a weekday, we still supply with the visa letter service with a higher charge. The processing time takes only 1 hour in this case but be noticed that it’s available for 1 month single entry visa only.

At weekends or on public holidays, you can require both 1 month and 3-month visas. The processing time takes around 3-4 hours. Specifically, if you apply before 9 am, you can get the visa approval letter by 12:30 pm. If you apply before 14:30 pm, you can get your visa approval letter by 17:30 pm

Visa cost outside of working hours

It’s more expensive to obtain a visa approval letter outside of working hours. If it’s on a weekday, you must pay around $100 USD for 1-month single entry visa. On weekend, you can request for 3-month visa with the service charge 180 USD/pax. The visa fee may vary with different nationalities and different periods of time. It does not include a stamping fee at Vietnam airport. Kindly contact us at if you are in need of a visa outside of working hours, at weekend or on public holidays.

What if I am already at the airport without a visa?

It could be quite risky to get to the airport without a visa. If you are at the departure airport, the airline’s staff will normally ask for your visa approval letter before allowing you to get on board since they want to make sure you will not be expelled and sent back to the departure airport later.

At this stage, we still have a solution to help you get on board and by the time you reach Vietnam’s international airport, your visa approval letter is ready to use. No print out is needed in advance because you can show the visa letter on your mobile screen to the immigration officers.

Even in the worst case when you can manage to reach Vietnam airport without preparing a visa approval letter in advance, you just need to call us and we will send a staff to the airport to assist you with visa procedure. The pick-up service for visa procedure on the spot will be around $250 USD/pax. However, this kind of visa service without a visa approval letter is only limited for some certain countries.

Have a question? Do not hesitate to contact us for help at or via hotline +84 917623750

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