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5 most romantic coffee shops in Ho Chi Minh city

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Huyen Thoai Cafe

Coffee culture becomes an indispensable feature of Saigon people. Anytime you wish for a relaxation, it’s not hard to find a coffee shop at any streets in Ho Chi Minh city. Here are 5 top romantic café where you may want to experience for difference during your visit. 1. Panorama Café Panorama Café is located […]

Three most favored street vendors that you cannot miss in Hanoi.

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Caramen in Vietnam

Sometimes, you might get tired of highly-cost dishes at luxurious restaurants and hotels and want to try out something new. I also believe that the traveling would be funnier to try out traditional and typical taste of the place other than just staying closed and modern. A suggestion given is to go to street vendors […]

What must be seen in one-day Hanoi tour?

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Being a historical capital for 1000 years, Hanoi is undoubtedly the cultural venue of Vietnam where a lot of ancient vestiges have been surviving against the ravage of wars and the harshness of the time. Once arriving at Hanoi, travelers may be confused by the diversity of the city’s monuments and may wonder “what are […]

5 popular drinks for hot summer days in Sai Gon

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Sugarcane juice

Walking on the streets of Saigon, if you suddenly feel thirsty, there are plenty of drinks which are delicious, nutritious, cool and cheap waiting for you! Here are 5 most popular selections: 1.Coconut juice Coconut juice is such a popular refreshment for hot summer days. People love to enjoy both the light sweet taste of […]

5 cannot-be-missed restaurants in Hanoi

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Quan Ngon

1.  Quan Ngon You are a tourist who has read a lots about the deliciousness and diversity of Vietnamese food but hasn’t known where to try them all at once? Let’s visit Quan Ngon Restaurant, which was established specially to satisfy your wish. Quan Ngon Restaurant is special in its name “ngon” which means delicious […]