15-day Vietnam visa exemption for Belarus passport holders

According to a recent Resolution from Vietnamese Government, citizens from Belarus are allowed to enter and stay in Vietnam maximum 15 days without visas regardless of types of passport and purposes of visit. The new policy will be in effect for 5 years starting from 1st July 2015 to 30th June 2020.

Before that, at the regular meeting in May, Vietnamese Government discussed and agreed with measures proposed by Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism to solve difficulties and to boost tourism development.

So far the number of Belarus visitors coming to Vietnam are mainly businessmen and investors but with this visa waiver policy, Vietnamese Government believed that not only investors but also tourists to Vietnam also increasingly outnumber.

For Belarus passport holders who wish to stay more than 15 days, Vietnam visa is a must. In such the case, you can apply online directly at https://immivietnamvisa.com/apply-online/

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